Press Release
June 5, 2023

Poe on NAIA privatization

The privatization of NAIA is a proposal not only whose time has come, but is also well past its due.

We could have averted the glitches that messed up the flight schedules and inconvenienced thousands of travelers had the modernization of the airport's air traffic control and operations been undertaken years ago.

The proposal to enlist a private concessionaire to operate the country's main gateway was one of our priority recommendations in the committee report on the NAIA power glitches.

Like any concessionaire, we need to ensure that this private entity lives up to its commitment to improve air services in the country.

The government should require an accomplishment timeline, performance matrix, and penalties for any default.

We have seen how the transformation of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport by a private consortium and its improved services and facilities have positively impacted on tourism and passenger experience.

This could be a template for the modernization of the NAIA operations.

It's time to start fixing our country's premier gateway. Filipinos and foreign travellers deserve a better airport.

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