Photo Release

June 13, 2024

Food security and protection for farmers: Sen. Robinhood Padilla underscores the importance of rice to Filipino families as he highlights the urgency of strengthening the country’s food security and protection for local farmers. During Thursday’s hearing, June 13, 2024 of the Committee on Agriculture, Food and Agrarian Reform, Padilla said regardless of life status, rice has been the main food of Filipinos. “As we emphasized the other day (committee hearing), we know that rice is the main food of Filipinos. Regardless of the status in life, the dining table of a Filipino family is not complete without rice,” Padilla said in Filipino. “This is the reason why we have good laws and programs like RA 11203 (Rice Tariffication Law) to strengthen our food security and also protect those who put food on our tables. But like any law, there is always room for improvement to further enhance its implementation,” he added. (Bibo Nueva España/Senate PRIB)