Senator Alan Peter Schramm Cayetano


BIRTHDAY  October 28, 1970
CIVIL STATUS   Married to City of Taguig Mayor Ma. Laarni “Lani” L. Cayetano
PARENTS Former Senator Renato “Rene”  “Companero” Cayetano
Sandra Schramm Cayetano
SIBLINGS Senator Pilar Juliana “Pia” Cayetano
Rene Carl Cayetano
Lino Edgardo Cayetano







May 1998

Juris Doctor, Ateneo School of Law
Graduated in 1997
2nd Honors (Silver Medalist)

B.A. Political Science Graduated in 1993
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

De La Salle Zobel


July 1, 2022 - Present

Senator, Republic of the Philippines

• Chairperson, Committee on Science and Technology

     ‣ Member, Senate Special Oversight Committee on Regional
        Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

• Minority Floor Leader, Commission on Appointments

• Member, Board of Regents, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

• Ex-Officio Member, Board of Trustees, Philippine Science High School System

• Co-author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 11959 or the Regional Specialty Centers Act
     ‣ RA No. 11939 or Strengthening Professionalism in the Armed
       Forces of the Philippines
May 22, 2022 - Present • Chairperson, Committee on Accounts
• Chairperson, Committee on Higher, Technical and Vocational Education
     ‣ Ex-Officio Member, Board of Regents, all State Universities
        and Colleges
     ‣ Co-Chairperson, the Second Congressional Commission on
        Education (EDCOM2)
     ‣ Co-Chairperson, Joint Congressional Oversight Committee
        on the Enhanced Basic Educational Program (K-12 Program)

• Chairperson, Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship
     ‣ Member, Senate Special Oversight Committee on Regional
        Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
     ‣ Member, Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the
        Tax Incentives Management and Transparency Act
JULY 1, 2022 -
MAY 21, 2022
• Chairperson, Committee on Government Corporations and Public Enterprises
JULY 1, 2019 -
JUNE 30, 2022
• Representative, First District of Taguig-Pateros
• Principal Author of RA No. 11641 or the Department of Migrant Workers Act
JULY 22, 2019 -
OCTOBER 13, 2020
• Speaker, House of Representatives
• Principal author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act
     ‣ RA No. 11494 or the Bayanihan to Recover as One Act
JULY 1, 2019 - • Chairperson of Organizing Committee for the 30th South East Asian Games held from November 30- December 11, 2019
MAY 18, 2017 -
OCTOBER 17, 2018
• Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Philippines
JULY 2016 - MAY 2017
• Chairperson, Committee on Foreign Relations
• Chairperson, Committee on Agrarian Reform
• Member, Commission on Appointments
• Authored Republic Act No. 10923, postponing the October 2016 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections

• Authored and co -sponsored the bill extending the validity of the Philippine passport to ten (10) years, and the resolutions concurring in the ratification/accession to the Articles of Agreement of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Japan-Philippine Agreement on Social Security, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

• Filed Senate bills: Trust Fund for the Abandoned, Neglected or Voluntarily Committed Child; Philippine National Police Compensation Act; Freedom of Information Act; Emergency Response Department Act; Mindanao Peace and Development Act; Additional Support and Compensation for Educators Act; Act Amending the Cybercrime Prevention Law; Uniformed Personnel Health and Wellness Development Act; Children with Special Needs Education Fund Act; Cigarette Floor Price Act; Freedom from Traffic and Congestion Act; Department of Foreign Employment Act; Adjusting the Compulsory Retirement Age for Uniformed Officers and Enlisted Men; Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act.
JULY 2013 - JUNE 2016
Senate Majority Floor Leader

• Chairperson, Committee on Rules
• Vice Chairperson, Committee on Agriculture
• Member, Commission on Appointments

• Author/Co-Author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 10863 or the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act
     ‣ RA No. 10743 or the National Teacher’s Day
     ‣ RA No. 10691 or the Public Employment Service Office
     ‣ RA No. 10676 or the Student-Athletes Protection Act of 2014
     ‣ RA No. 10654 or an Act Amending the Philippine Fisheries
        Code of 1998
     ‣ RA No. 10653 or the Php75,000 Cap for Income Tax
        Exemption of the 13th Month Pay/ Other Benefits
     ‣ RA No. 10645 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act
     ‣ RA No. 10635 or the Maritime Industry Authority
     ‣ R.A. No. 10648 otherwise known as the “Iskolar ng Bayan Act
       of 2014”
JULY 2010 - JUNE 2013
Senate Minority Floor Leader

• Chairperson, Committee on Ethics and Privileges
• Vice Chairperson, Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System (JCOC-AES)

• Commended by the Senate under Resolution 46 and 94 for his efforts as Minority Leader in championing the cause of orphaned, abandoned children, and vulnerable workers; and valuable contribution in the enactment of crucial legislation and resolution.

• Actively participated in investigations pushing for the resolution of the alleged poll fraud cases of 2004 & 2007.

• Conducted hearings on the reliability of the “3crown jewels” of the 2013 automated elections – machine, ballot, and transmission.

• Author/Co-Author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 10157 or the Early Years Act of 2012
     ‣ RA No. 10361 or the Househelpers Additional Benefits and Protection
     ‣ RA No. 10152 or the Immunization Services Against Hepatitis-B
       for Infants
JUNE 2010
• Elected as the 8th Senator of the Republic of the Philippines

• Principal Author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 10088 or the Anti-Camcording Act of 2010
     ‣ RA No. 10515 or the Anti-Cable Television and Cable  Internet
       Services Pilferage Act of 2009
     ‣ RA No. 9521 or the National Book Development Trust Fund Act
       of 2009
     ‣ RA No. 9500 or the University of the Philippines Charter of 2008

• Author/Co-Author of the following laws:
     ‣ RA No. 10122 or the Literacy Coordination Council
     ‣ RA No. 10070 or the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons
     ‣ RA No. 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2009

• Chairperson, Committee on the Mass Media and Information
     ‣ Filed the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act which was approved on
        its 3rd reading and passed in the Senate during 14th Congress.
JULY 2007 -
• Chairperson, Blue Ribbon/ Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigation
     ‣ Headed the investigation of the NBN-ZTE deal
     ‣ Steered the continuation of the Fertilizer Fund Scam investigation
     ‣ Steered the continuation of the investigation of the Cash giving
        scandal in Malacañang

• Chairperson, Committee on Education, Culture and Arts
    ‣ Passed RA No. 9500: University of the Philippines Charter Act 2008
    ‣ Initiated efforts to make educational loans and scholarships
       more responsive and easily accessible to deserving students
     ‣ Sought more funding for basic and tertiary Education 
     ‣ Fought for better compensation for public school teachers
JULY 2004 - JUNE 2007
• Re-elected Representative (3rd term) of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
• Senior Deputy Minority Leader
• Ex-Officio member of all standing House committees
• Spokesperson, Impeachment Team (2005 and 2006)
JULY 2001 -
JUNE 2004
• Re-elected Representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
• Deputy Majority Leader
• Vice-Chairman, Committee on Rules
APRIL 2003
• Member, Judicial and Bar Council
JULY 1998 - JUNE 2001
• Elected Representative of the Lone District of Taguig-Pateros
• Assistant Majority Leader
• Member, Committee on Rules
• Chairperson, Oversight Committee on the Bases Conversion
• Vice-Chairperson, Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms
• Chairperson, Sub-Committee on New Schools, Committee on Basic Education
• Columnist, Compañero y Compañera (People’s Tonight)
1995 - 1998 • Elected Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Taguig, Metro Manila
1992 - 1995 • Elected Number One Councilor, Municipality of Taguig (during that time, one of the youngest councilors in the Philippines)
• Majority Floor Leader, Municipal Council, Taguig, Metro Manila

• Officer and Member of Various Special Local Bodies:
     ‣ Vice-Chairperson, People’s Law Enforcement Board
     ‣ Member, Municipal Peace and Order Council
     ‣ Member, Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council

• Chairperson and Member of Various Legislative Committees


2018 Received the Order of Sikatuna with the Rank of Datu (Grand Cross) Gold Distinction

‣ This is the highest honor a Philippine President can bestow upon the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and a Filipino Diplomat. Having served as DFA Secretary for one and a half years, he was recognized for actively pursuing the country’s independent foreign policy, spearheading reforms resulting in an efficient passport system, and leading efforts to proactively protect OFWs anywhere in the world.
2010 The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) 2010 awardee

‣ Recognized for his exemplary work in government and public service


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