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Senate Digital Archives - Legislative Records and Archives Service (LRAS)
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LRAS "Senate Digital Archives" is the digitization of all its legislative records for safekeeping, preservation and automation of access for research purposes.

The digitized system is powered by a customized portal to expedite electronic research which can exclusively be utilized in the LRAS office.

Remote research can likewise be made thru electronic request 7 days a week by scanning the QR code. In return, an e-copy of the requested materials shall henceforth be emailed to the researchers.

Senate PublicationsPerformance of the Senate  
19th Congress 1st Regular Session
July 25, 2022 - June 2, 2023 (5.3 MB)

"We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish without sacrificing the quality of our bills."

Juan Miguel F. Zubiri
Senate President

Senate Publications(SEPO - Budget Notes) Dimensions of the Proposed 2024 National Government Budget
November 2023 (543 KB)

The dimensions of the budget encompass the intricate distribution of government resources across sectors, departments and key development programs and projects. An analysis of these dimensions will provide a nuanced understanding of how the budget's different facets interact to impact the country's fiscal and socioeconomic landscape. (SEPO publications)

Senate Publications(SEPO - Policy Brief) Unlocking Revenue Potential: Enhancing Real Property Valuation Systems for Local Economic Growth
February 2024 (780 KB)

Real property taxation is a vital revenue source, yet the Philippines struggles to maximize its collection due to complex valuation systems and limited technical capacity. These challenges result in significant revenue discrepancies. Urgent reform is needed to address these issues in the country’s current fiscal landscape.(SEPO publications)

Senate Publications (SEPO - Policy Brief) Quenching Policy Thirst: Reforming Water Governance in the Philippines
April 2024 (1.01MB)

The country’s water resources are approaching critical thresholds, compounded by persistent and emerging challenges within the water sector. Sustainable and integrated water resource management has become an increasingly urgent and inevitable task. (SEPO publications)

Senate Publications(STSRO - Taxbits) EOPT Law: Taxpayers’ first win for 2024
January 2024 (1.7 MB)

Tax legislation started on a high note for the new year as the Ease of Paying Taxes (EOPT) Act was finally enacted into law. This priority measure was signed into law as Republic Act No. (RA) 11976 by President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos on January 5, 2024. (STSRO publications)

Senate PublicationsLegislative Library Service - Library Update
January - March 2024 (1.8 MB)

The Senate Library's BIBLIOGRAPHY SERVICE is a bimonthly compilation of books, and other information materials which aims to inform and update the Honorable Senators, their research staff, and the officials and technical staff of the Secretariat of recent additions to the library collections. (LLS publications)

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May 6 - 9, 2024
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Monday, May 27
Cultural Communities and Muslim Affairs joint with Local Government (Presiding: Sen. Padilla): "H. No. 8925 - Philippine Islamic Burial Act (By: Reps. Sakaluran, M.K. Dimaporo, Palma, et al.)..." 1:00 P.M. Sen. V.Y. Sotto Room

Table Summary: Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALNs) of Senators [PDF, 18KB]

SALN Summary Request Form [PDF, 82KB]

(Please submit the SALN Summary Request Form to the Office of the Senate Secretary located at Room 605, 6th Floor Senate of the Philippines, GSIS Building, Diokno Boulevard, Pasay City)

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SBN = Senate Bill No.
SRN = Proposed Senate Resolution No.
Journal No. = Journal Session No.
CR No. = Committee Report No.
RA No. = Republic Act No.
Res. No. = Adopted Senate Resolution No.
Ct. Res. No. = Concurrent Resolution No.
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