Ernesto M. Maceda

Senator Ernesto M. Maceda has an outstanding record of public service spanning 43 years in high government positions. His career has been marked by numerous outstanding achievements starting from his election at the age of 23 as the No. 1 Councilor of Manila in 1959.  Because of his achievements in the City Council, Councilor Maceda was named “ Outstanding Councilor of Manila “.

In 1966, Maceda was appointed by then Pres. Ferdinand Marcos to become the Secretary of Community Development.  At 29 years old, Maceda was the youngest Cabinet Member in the Marcos Administration.

In 1969, he was appointed Executive Secretary in concurrent capacity as Chairman of the Commission on Reorganization.

In 1970, the Commerce and Industry portfolio was given to Maceda.  In the post, Maceda lauched consumer protection programs and established trade relations with various Eastern European Social countries.

After winning senatorial post in 1971, Maceda’s bill granting protection to real estate buyers on installment basis was the only bill signed into law before Martial Law was proclaimed.  The bill is known as the Maceda Law.

After breaking with President Marcos over the Martial Law declaration, Maceda went on exile in the United States where he became the aide and adviser of the late Sen. Benigno S. Aquino.

When Sen.  Aquino was assassinated in 1983.  Sen. Maceda accompanied the widowed Corazon Aquino on the flight from Boston to Manila.  Maceda then became one of the leaders of the opposition during the 1984 Batasan Pambansa Campaign and the 1986 snap presidential election.

With the overthrow of the Marcos regime, one of Mrs. Aquino’s first cabinet appointee was Maceda who was given the Ministry of Natural Resources to head.

Maceda then ran under the Aquino Administration’s ticket during the 1987 senatorial elections.  His stint in the Senate as Senate President from 1996 –1998  has been acknowledged for its outstanding quality.

Since the opening of the Congress in 1987, Sen. Maceda has received numerous awards from various news agencies and private organizations for his outstanding performance and has been constantly chosen No. 1 Senator by numerous publications, political analysts and Senate reporters.  He was credited for having filed the most number of bills, delivered the most number of privilege speeches, and for having the perfect attendance during the 1987 – 1992 term of the Senate, dubbed by the Philippine Free Press as “ Mr. Expose “.

Often called as the most “ hardworking member of the Senate “, Senator Maceda has been at the forefront in addressing vital national issues.

Acknowledged to be the Senate’s “ Mr. Survivor “, Sen. Maceda lived his role as fiscalizer and was responsible for exposing scams in government.  He is also considered a staunch supporter of women’s rights.

Senator Maceda holds the  distinction of being the only Filipino to have held five Cabinet positions and is the recipient of over 40 national and international honors and awards.

He was appointed by President Joseph Estrada as Ambassador to the United States from 1999-2001.

Senator Maceda earned his bachelor of Laws degree, Cum Laude, from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1956.  He holds a Doctorate in Public Administration ( Honoris Causa ) from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Doctorate in Education ( Honoris Causa ) from the Philippine Normal University.

Born in Pagsanjan, Laguna on March 26, 1935, Senator Ernesto Madarang Maceda  married former Marichu Vera-Perez.  They are blessed with four children.

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